The Parallax View

The Parallax View ★★★★

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Recommended by Pretentious Froslass

Perplexing Technicolor neo-noir filmed in stunning Panavision, stunningly shot by the famous Gordon Willis with a mastery of light and shadow that he developed during The Godfather (1972), framing like a Japanese master. The pulse-pounding paranoia aroma and the conspiracy signature is present here, in one of Pakula's finest and hands down his most audiovisually experimental, adapting Loren Singer's novel to great "American" effect, like a worthy successor of Frankenheimer's 60s political paranoia. For those looking some tongue-in-cheek stunts, it also has a couple of Hitchcock reenactments and a couple of action sequences to exaggerate the scope of it all, and everything for a thrills-packed effect.


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