Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

I absolutely adore the censorship logic of Disney's film distribution: making references to a natural female body process (menstruation) in Takahata's Only Yesterday (1991) is something that must be censored, but releasing a Thor film with explicit references to orgies is ok.

This ranks as one of the most decent MCU films, one that references orgies and "the devil's anus" as acceptable humor. There's MCU's quality for you.

Yes. It does use Led Zeppelin. It is fine the first time during the opening. Why not? My heart will always be with Zep. But it was used twice! Again during the climax. Wasn't it obvious that the climax screamed for KISS's God Of Thunder, particularly the Australian live version in Melbourne, as the sole and most properly obvious musical choice???

So why does it rank in the upper tertile? Because of Grandmaster Goldblum. He is the only true god of the entire film and transforms the superhero genre into absolutely surreal dark-comedy bonkers.


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