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  • Rebecca


    my favourite parts of this were:

    1) when pauline went for a bathroom break without pausing this mess or telling me and left me hanging while i constantly asked "what is thissssss" in the chat at everything onscreen;

    2) both of us lamenting why we gave this a shot, even if just to laugh at it, when we could've watched the 1940 adaptation or something else instead;


    3) not being entirely sober watching this

    tries too hard to live…

  • Dance, Girl, Dance

    Dance, Girl, Dance


    "The complaint states that you slapped her."
    "Oh, no, your honour. I punched her, and then I jumped on her and tried to strangle her."
    "You mean, you happened to catch your arms around your opponent's neck in an act of self-defence?"
    "Oh, no, your honour. I wanted to kill her!"

    Another one I've put of for years now, and I'm sort of glad I did, because I got to really enjoy it with fresh eyes now (sort of sad,…

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  • Leave Her to Heaven

    Leave Her to Heaven


    everyone in the movie: ellen no
    ellen: ellen YES

  • Barbie as Rapunzel

    Barbie as Rapunzel


    honestly, the lack of effort in the design of the male characters in barbie movies compared to the female characters is hysterical. rapunzel really married a freakin legohead man at the end lmao