Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

Haven't seen this one since its initial run. I got tickets for this during AFI Fest back in 2012 and distinctly remember their print not working so we had to wait out in the cold for a while as they scrambled and ended up playing a Blu Ray to screen at the Egyptian lol

Anyway, not the masterpiece I once thought it was, but I'd still consider this one of the most remarkable movie experiences of the decade. I mostly found its plot and structure too disjointed and whimsical this time around, to the point where this movie was always out of arm's reach for me emotionally. Not that any of it was particularly bad but the fluctuating quality of the individual segments have to do with it too--I found the motion capture, Eva Mendes, and Kylie Minogue "appointments" phenomenal and much better than what the rest of the movie had to offer and I wished I got to live inside those worlds for a little bit longer. Some of them end way too soon and it shifts tones so dramatically I found it difficult to keep up with. I don't know, maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it this time.

Denis Levant also gets to shine in what's probably the most fun movie role ever, getting his hands dirty within a series of committed roles that encompasses a whole century of cinema. The casting of Edith Scob (Eyes Without A Face) as the limo driver is a stroke of genius.


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