Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★½

Saw this in the theaters last November but I started watching this during vacation and finally picked up and caught the last 40 minutes a week after—tbh I was kinda dozing off during the last part of the movie when I initially saw it. The last act of this from roughly the Bradley Cooper part to the very end is so so so so so good I missed it the first time, makes up for how less I enjoyed the beginning this time around. Love how this ends with the saddest romantic ending ever. The Asian stereotype stuff did bother me more than I remembered as it seemed like just some unfunny dumb shit PTA is into. 

On the drive back to LA I played that Wings track a bunch, during a pretty uneventful road trip more or less culminating in a vista point in El Paso overlooking the whole city while that sweet riff provided the soundtrack to me eating some bad Tex-Mex and reminded myself of better times (watching the Paul Thomas Anderson movie Licorice Pizza at my house with no one else paying attention, for one). Now I’m at work and desperately craving mediocre Texan taquitos.


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