Nope ★★★★

Sadly the first Jordan Peele movie I didn’t get to see in theaters in its opening weekend. Never actually found its mysteries as nail-biting and menacing as Peele’s best and comes pretty close to being way too overstuffed with metaphors and ideas flying at every which direction towards the end like Us but damn was this a fun ride from start to finish, wish I saw this in the theaters bc this looked amazing on small screen 4K; felt like the kind of sweeping go-for-broke spectacle few movies are willing to pull off nowadays. Starts off at a pretty slow, borderline sedated pace (could have spent a few more hours hanging out at the farm with Kaluuya and Palmer tho ngl) but you really appreciate the build once things start ramping up in a major way in its last hour. Need to see this again, one of my faves of 2022. 

Also I have Brandon Perea’s wardrobe. Like literally lmao. I wore that same Wipers shirt at the park the other week. 


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