Sorcerer ★★★★

Pretty revelatory first viewing for me right after seeing The Wages of Fear. This is a whole lot of movie; full bore, total maximalist filmmaking that manages to be much more visceral than the original effectively doubling the thrill factor although it does strip away much of its social commentary which I haven't even mentioned in my original review.

It spends an entire prologue setting up the backstories of the main players but in the end it doesn't really matter much through the rest of the film which is kind of disappointing. The truck scenes are totally incredible, making parallels to the original (they included that shot of the truck tires from below that is so good) and adding an insane bridge sequence that's its own thing. The final act is also pretty different and I think I like this movie's psychedelic ending more than the original for its inventiveness alone. Also, Tangerine Dream soundtrack is one of the best ever.


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