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  • Wildlife



    Watched this for GYLLENHOES 💓✨

    Is it okay if I start off by saying that the cinematography was beautiful? Haha ✨ I liked how the gorgeous spectrum of colors accentuated the stunning landscapes and views of Great Falls, a small town in Montana (the setting of this film) as it created warmth and such relaxing feels. Although I got reminded of the "Teal and Orange" filters that you can just create through VSCO and Lightroom Applications lol, generally, it had…

  • Raw



    Film Club Week 9

    I encountered an article headline way back saying that many people who watched Raw in theaters didn’t carry it and had passed out. My initial reaction was like: was the cannibalism in the movie that intense? But now that I have seen it, I just wanna ask: Do Vet Schools really look like that?! Lol kidding. 

    Thank Goodness that I'm on a vegetable-diet this week haha. 
    So Raw follows the story of a freshman vet student,…

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  • Angel's Egg

    Angel's Egg


    Film Club #8

    Before watching, I called my younger brother, who is an avid fan of Anime, and asked him if he’d seen this before. Then he answered me with these words: “It’s a very interesting anime movie to watch, but make sure that you watch it in a quiet room with all the lights turned-off cause it will surely give you a different level of mood and atmosphere. The artwork is beautiful, too. I’ll watch this again..”

    I followed…

  • Mikey and Nicky

    Mikey and Nicky


    Film Club Week 7

    A 70’s classic gangster-crime-drama film with very interesting and thought-provoking themes that will surely ignite a series of discussions amongst cinephiles.

    I absolutely had no preconceived notions about this film. And it’s really fascinating to know that Elaine May, a woman, was the director of this. Fascinating, as she was able to look into and define the masculinity of the characters and its linkage to the betrayal.

    The acting felt really realistic and convincing to me.…