Favorite films

  • When Harry Met Sally...
  • Before Sunset
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Chungking Express

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  • Squid Game


  • White Chicks


  • In Time


  • Ordinary People


Recent reviews

  • You're Next

    You're Next


    So so better than I thought it would be!

  • Waitress



    Wohoo 🥳 I really love how it turned out to be at the end. I honestly thought I was gonna be feeling depressed all the way through haha. 

    But I still fear ending up in a terrible terrible marriage, though- I mean who doesn’t?

Popular reviews

  • All the Bright Places

    All the Bright Places


    If you have read the book, I think you would know how I feel: after months of reading it- carefully flipping each page, avoiding a single drop of tear touching down the paper so I always had a handful of tissues with me, and treating it as a precious piece of art because I’m thankful for its existence, and this is what the adaptation turned out? 
    I honestly felt nothing the whole time. You can’t imagine how nonchalant my face was.…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    I can’t write a proper review right now (wait, when did I ever write a proper review anyway? Haha) cause it’s actually my birthday today, yet unfortunately, I’m distracted by some work haha. 

    But let me just say this; even though there was a part of me that felt underwhelmed for just a tiny little bit whilst watching, and a part of me that was a wee bit disappointed because I was too silly to expect that ‘maybe I’m amazed’…