The Oily Maniac ★★★★

The Shaw Brothers' precursor to The Toxic Avenger and The Greasy Strangler; The Oily Maniac is a very, very loose remake of a 1958 film called Sumpah Orang Minyak.

A helpless cripple is sick and tired of criminals running riot and uses a spell to transform himself into the titular Oily Maniac.

From there he screams, jumps and melts his way through the Malaysian underworld, crushing rapist skulls and breaking necks left right and centre. All in a day's work for Malaysia's top superhero.

Great horror effort from the Shaws and director Meng Hua Ho. Sleazy superhero madness aplenty. This is my kind of superhero film.

There's no doubt the Oily Maniac is bullshit, but it's my kind of bullshit and I had a great time watching it.

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