• Bringing Up Baby

    Bringing Up Baby


    this movie makes it really clear who's pegging who

  • Bad Lieutenant

    Bad Lieutenant


    i've never heard anything like the way harvey keitel yells in this movie. it's a sound too advanced for my ears to even comprehend

  • Alien Resurrection

    Alien Resurrection


    listen i finished this at 3 am after watching 8 hours of alien movies nonstop so i'm just gonna take a moment to acknowledge space milf sigourney weaver and gay pirate winona ryder and leave it at that

  • Alien³



    when you decided to make an alien movie that isn't set in space. right there. that's where you fucked up

  • Aliens



    i am going to need the xenomorphs to drop a skincare routine because these bitches look moisturized as hell

  • Alien



    the simple fact that i felt the compulsive need to hug the alien at various points throughout the movie tells you all you need to know about my chances of survival in a horror scenario

  • Fargo



    mesmerized by steve buscemi in this movie... his ugly turtlenecks.... i’ve never seen anything like it

  • Bride of Chucky

    Bride of Chucky


    maybe the best movie ever made. yes it's about chucky getting laid. no i do not take constructive criticism

  • Smiley Face

    Smiley Face


    this happened to my buddy amanda

  • Men in Black

    Men in Black


    the fun hot blooded guy / deadpan serious guy dynamic gets me every single time. look at them go

  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    who wanna be girl best friends 😊😊

  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    this is the representation people who drink plain milk deserve. you sick individuals