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  • Cafe Flesh

    Cafe Flesh


    This is, uh, a porno. Kinda. I can't imagine anyone finding it the least bit erotic -- what with the disjointed music and harsh lighting and bizarro humour and indescribable sensibility -- but then again, I can't imagine anyone finding most things erotic so I wouldn't be, uh,...

    and yet, never say never...

    Aaaaanyway, the guy who plays the Emcee is legitimately depraved and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. The sex sequences fluctuate from delightfully stylish…

  • Eyes of a Stranger

    Eyes of a Stranger

    less style than a rote public access recording of a town hall meeting -- but with likely far more misogyny, grotesque and banal fetishism of rape and bodily destruction, groan-worthy suspense sequences more predictable than any number of dumb jokes about chickens crossing roads, flat and static scoring, dreary and detached performances, even has a fucking 'kills the dog' scene

    unwatchable film dribble, unfortunate that jennifer jason leigh made her debut in such trash

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  • Tarr Béla: I Used to Be a Filmmaker

    Tarr Béla: I Used to Be a Filmmaker


    There's one part where he points at the monitor during playback and he says "I like it because it is slow" and that made me laugh.

  • In Order Not to Be Here

    In Order Not to Be Here


    A gripping and legitimately terrifying vision of yuppie paranoia. Technical mastery and inventiveness in service of fascinating ideas and truly gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking terror.

    One part made me feel physically nauseous. I loved it.