Eternals ★★★★

“Hear that, Sprite? A family reunion.”

Robb Stark & Jon Snow reunion *wink wink*

With that being said, please disregard Rotten Tomatoes’ negative/low ratings and experience this movie for yourself.

Honestly, it’s in no way a bad movie, it’s not perfect/top tier Marvel either, but I found it pretty enjoyable. In addition, I appreciate the diversity among the cast.

When I watched it, it felt different than most normal Marvel movies, but I just don’t know how to really explain it.

My favorite performance was Richard Madden’s, particularly, his chemistry with Gemma Chan’s character was great.

One issue I had was that it was hard for me to connect with all the characters, but that’s mainly because of their being more than 4-5 team members. Also, the execution of the movie goes from slow to picking up the pace and then back to slow, it just felt weird to me.

OH WAIT, one other thing, Harry Styl-, actually never mind, sorry y’all, had a bit of a brain fart there, my bad 😁.

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