The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

It was crazy, it was wild, it was primal, and it was everything you’re not expecting.

Finally got to see a Robert Eggers movie on the big screen, as well as it being my first exposure to a Viking movie of epic proportions.

It was bigger than anything Eggers has done, and I hope he continues to produce more on a much bigger scale, such as this.

Lotta violence & gore, obviously, which blew my mind, to say the least.

The cast was really great, Nicole Kidman was my least favorite, and Skarsgard was my favorite.

The visuals were one its strong points too, all the landscape shots & just the overall setting gave it such an aesthetic that’s beyond compare.

The only thing that made me uncomfortable, yet ultimately enthralled/hooked with the rest of the movie, were the ritual scenes that took place, I was sitting their thinking “What the f—!” 🐺

All in all, GO. SEE. IT!!! 😵😵😵

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