Burning ★★★★

Quite the journey. A journey into the mind of this fascinating character.

But not just that, it's a film with interesting ideas sparked around these particular characters. Themes regarding isolation, closeness, the world around them, and many more are presented in this meticulous meditative style that lets them be delivered in an articulated way.

Most surprising was the story itself, I thought I was ready for one kind of film during the first half, and then it turns to something quite different towards the latter portion. It doesn't feel jolting or needless, instead, organically fitted well with the overall scope of the film.

It's odd, I think. But it works exceptionally well in my eyes. Though I will say, I'm somewhat mixed on that ending...I'll just leave it at that, and hopefully, by rethinking the film and potentially rewatching it I can fully embrace what it went for.

I don't know if it's worth the hype though, but at least it's certainly a great film altogether. That's all I can ask for.

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