Burning ★★★★★

After many discussions and contemplations regarding Burning over the past few weeks, on a second watch, the film enlightened itself to me even more.

Scenes that were once questionable, now feel justified, all within the thread the film sets itself on. It doesn't indulge itself with its mysteries or feel forced to overexplain them, instead, the film simply lets these events happen and let its audience draw their conclusions.

It's also worth mentioning the level of detail that Lee Chang-dong goes through in both his writing and directing in delivering certain moments, there is enough subtlety placed throughout the runtime to make each scene feel more nuanced, whether it'd be its metaphors, or thematic elements, or simply the gestures of characters, there is enough there for me to identify within the film to make this a more fruitful discovery.

Quite honestly, many of the questionable thoughts I may have had regarding the film are essentially gone. There's something inherently eye-opening about seeing this a second time, more so than most other films, especially ones that came out this year.

Burning seeks to present itself in one way and has you thinking about it afterward, only to be brought back once again to have you much more enriched in its narrative.

Is it a masterpiece? Maybe. However, most certainly, it is the best film I've seen from 2018 so far.

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