Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★★

Spring Breakers was made for people like me. People of my age, of my aesthetic, of my cultural understandings and experiences. This is a neon daydream that I never want to wake up from. There are very few films that I believe truly get better with every viewing, and I'm so glad to say that each time that I've watched Spring Breakers, my love for it only grows.

This is a fairytale for those who hate formulaic hollywood stories that bear nothing fully frontal. This is a film for those who hate movies that seek only to impress the vast majority of people who see it. Do not forget that this is an art film in its purest form. A movie that is not created for the enjoyment of the general public, rather that is created as an art piece and should be considered as such in all matters critical and otherwise.

It is only fitting that Selina Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Vanessa Hudgens star in this movie. Three starlets of teenage fame and fortune, born from the generation that believe everyone deserved one big break. If you don't understand how symbolic it is that these ladies were chosen as most of the cast of this film, it is likely that you don't understand the movie at all -- at least not in the way that I take it. Harmony Korinne's wife also stars in this film, giving what I might call a low-key-powerhouse performance, tits out and proud. And then there is James Franco. He plays Alien. And how perfect this casting was too. I see no metaphor here as I do with the ladies, but this role could only go to someone who had achieved great mainstream fame. It could only go to someone who would have to undergo a complete transformation to take on the role, because Alien exists only in this film, and it would be a travesty to be able to recognize him from our real world.

Spring Breakers is a greek tragedy for the MTV generation. Stunning neon mementos in a sea of bare titted spring breakers help me to remember this Skrillex induced coma of narcotics and sex. But really, I dont think I could ever forget it.

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