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This review may contain spoilers.

Pretty much a feature length "fusion adaptation" of my 2014 short film, here even so, with a healthy dose of 2016's The Duffle, made without my knowledge or consent! Clearly kidding, ahah. Wow, be patient with the first act of this film; as soon as the scene struck when he played "the song" for her was when I lost it; I was irreparably ruined from that point forward but the other two sequences that really did me in were the "driving away" sequence & the time-is-cyclical denouement/"flashback" montage.

Good god.

Oh, and PLEASE -- the idea that this film is in some way "racist" because the family driven out of the home was Latino is absurd. First, he drove them out of their home merely because they were the first family to move into the house following his death & his wife's departure, and finally snapped when he saw their family photo in place of his own, and second (another complaint that I've heard), the reason why there were no Spanish subtitles for the Latino family isn't because the director decided "hey, yeah, let's intentionally make it so that the audience can't understand the Spanish spoken in the film"; it's because A Ghost Story is entirely from the perspective of the titular Ghost, and there's no hint whatsoever throughout the entirety of the film that he/his POV would be able to comprehend or speak Spanish.

Fantastic movie.

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