Freddy Got Fingered

Freddy Got Fingered ★★★★

Some claim that Freddy Got Fingered is a satire, or at the very least the antithesis, of what was popular comedies were at the time of its release (e.g. gross out comedies, comedies about man-children, slacker comedies, etcetera). I like this idea, and I think it works to an extent, but I'm not so sure. It's certainly possible... but I'm not so sure. What I am sure about is that it's one of the first widely exhibited displays of anti-humor; is it a coincidence that Adult Swim emerged mere months subsequent to the release of this film? I think not. Tom wasn't trying to make a good film, he was trying to make a vapid film for a niche audience that would understand its stupidity and enjoy it anyway (probably because of their prior knowledge that Green is merely a troll, see: The Tom Green Show). The man has always been out to expose the absurdity of modern society. The fact that a production company actually spent $14,000,000 on this beautiful piece of shit is probably the film's funniest joke and greatest success. It's a goliath fuck you to the enormity of the corporation that produced it, as well as 90% of the people that would watch it. Why? Because Green already knew that people would despise its loud, obnoxious obtuseness, and he still wanted to wave his finger in those people's faces because he also knew that the 10% of people who would recognize this preposterous but admirable reasoning would treasure it, even if that's not a great reason to treasure something. In fact, it's absolute trash - I'm willing to admit that - but its gilded trash, as it's so un-funny that it transcends its unfunniness and becomes quite funny (the irony). It's obviously deliberate in how terrible it is, and oddly that's something that I, personally, can most definitely respect.

You may loathe it; the majority may loathe it, but I do not.

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