Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★½

A confused, immortal spider spun forth from the apex of the spectre's sixth sun. The light of the ghost star was enough to spawn a ghost-squared, and spirits sung their way out of the ghost-squared before a root dug its talons back into the dirt of the void. The spirits and the spider merged together at the end of the over-world, into a pneuma which manifested itself in human-soul shape, a vibrant circular rotation. The brilliant whirling of the storm, though, soon gave out and succumbed to its original eight-legged form. The base of the phantom's sun eclipsed the energy of the apex, and the spider could finally see into the space before it, rather than merely behind its eyes. Again, the illumination brought forth an ascendency of the innermost self, the essential nature of being, permanently shrouding the fundamental necessity of mass and, therefore, decay. The animating principle found itself a new definition, and the universe became a scintillating prism of flourishing sentience.

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