Oslo, August 31st

Oslo, August 31st ★★★★½

The world does away with the depressed. The depressive individual is met with a superficial environment in which mental health is not only heavily stigmatized, but the depressed person is seen as a burden & a bummer. The absence of a smile across one's face is inappropriately treated as a load which the "happy," or the blissfully ignorant, wrongly see themselves as having to carry. So the "happy" slowly distance themselves from the "sad." No room for individuals who are considered downers in a world fueled by shallow serotonin shifts, inauthentic beauty, and the faux contentment of monetary obsession.

Genuine smiles -- and genuine happiness -- aside, sorry for not being able to put on a fabricated one. Apologies, that you view psychological disorders as obstructions or inconveniences. That's exactly how people lose support systems and become ostracized from their community, only furthering their hopelessness. There is no need to uproot your life, by any means, but show a little sympathy for your depressive neighbor, even if you're understandably incapable of comprehending their mind-state.

Don't shut them out, for the benefit of your own selfish barriers, unless you want to contribute to the divide between what is seen as "stable" or "unstable" in the eyes of the uncharitable, egocentric and mass-controlled, materialist majority.

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