The Fault in Our Stars ★★★★½

To write a review of this film would require me to think deeply about it again AKA to make myself cry, which I'll pass on. I've had enough of that tonight already. Maybe I'll write a review eventually; maybe I won't... all I can say right now is SEE THIS FILM! Actually, you know what, don't see it... don't put yourself through it. Highly not-recommended.

For now:

"I’m kinda over hearing about how John Green is a shithead when we live in a world where, like, actual bad things happen and he has played a hand in contributing to a healthy community of young people that all stand for really, really overwhelmingly decent things. Also, for clarification, I somewhat attribute his novels to helping me grow and recognize that people are people and that idolizing or romanticizing and reducing someone to the mere idea of themselves is an incredibly dangerous and destructive act because, yes, he has written books where the male protagonist falls for the convenience and for the idea of this 'unobtainable girl,' but this is something that reads rather intentional to me, as the protagonist always gets their shit handed to them in the end when they finally recognize the dangers of this after the people they idolize or reduce (the girls, their friends, family, etc.) prove to be real/whole people with their own lives that exist beyond the confines of their selfishness. Meanwhile, the overarching theme of his novels usually boil down to having very little to do with 'love' and a whole lot to do with being a person and living a good life and that being young matters.

"I dunno. I guess I’m just saying maybe worry about real things. Is it not cool to you that a teen movie where the target audience is young girls did overwhelmingly well at the box office where it was pit against summer blockbusters? Or that a movie targeted towards youngins doesn’t talk down to them and respects them as it deals with themes of love, sure, but also morality and family and friends and self-worth? Even sex, which is handled pretty honestly considering the circumstances. All in a pretty healthy, level-headed way? Cool to me."

- Blake Holland ( )

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