The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★

This is going to come across as slightly harsh relative to my rating, and coming from someone who loves almost all of Yorgos' other films, but I don't find anything in TKOASD to be remotely commentative, or profound, or saying *anything* really. I was very much hoping to dig this more after a second viewing and I still maintain that the performances are tremendous; the first forty minutes or so are fascinating, but when the character dynamics and general conflict are revealed, the rest of the film is senseless for me to the point of being hollow miserablism (and miserablism doesn't need to be nugatory). Serving no sociopolitical purpose whatsoever -- aside from being an uninteresting & morbid character study of someone stuck in an grim & equally uninteresting revenge scenario -- which is what I generally come to Yorgos' films to experience (the socio-politics), as I think that he has a keen perspective on culture and human interaction. But I only came out of this re-watch thinking exactly what I thought upon leaving the premiere: that, with this output, he's genuinely just trying to fuck with his audience, which is fun and all I guess but, like, not very insightful or perceptive. Still willing to give it a third shot though.

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