The Passing of a Psychopath

First time I've ever been included in a "year end best features" list, so I'm a bit (pleasantly) stunned, but also honored to announce that The Passing of a Psychopath has made the top twenty of Italian film journal, Cinepaxy's best films of 2017 ranking, alongside cinema from some of the artists that I admire most in the world. The list can be found below:

1. Paris est une Fête – Sylvain George
2. Unrest – Philippe Grandrieux
3. Happy End – Michael Haneke
4. Still the Earth Moves – Pablo Chavarría Gutiérrez
5. El Mar La Mar – Joshua Bonnetta, J.P. Sniadecki
6. A Yangtze Landscape – Xu Xin
7. Inside – Vicky Langan, Maximilian Le Cain
8. The Passing of a Psychopath – Eli Hayes
9. Taming the Horse – Tao Gu
10. Caniba – Verena Paravel, Lucien Castaing-Taylor
11. Drifting Cities – Michael Higgins
12. Turtle Rock – Xiao Xiao
13. Song to Song – Terrence Malick
14. Kreatura – Viki Aleksandrovich
15. Mrs. Fang – Wang Bing
16. On the Beach at Night Alone – Hong Sang-soo
17. The Killing of a Sacred Deer – Yorgos Lanthimos
18. Blade Runner 2049 – Denis Villeneuve
19. Radiance – Naomi Kawase
20. Dead Leaves – Frederico Machado

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