Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★★½

the unfathomable cruelty of chaos & trauma's ability to destroy, and/or reconstruct, and/or shape the existence of survivors' life-paths, manifesting itself through the microcosm of its subject: a human transformed overnight into an object, propelled into a culture so quickly that it becomes her relentless reality before she's given the opportunity to even choose a reality. but a reality that's neither outright critiqued nor endorsed; music of all kinds can help one cope, help one survive, allow one to feel as if one has something to live for within the constant darkness. though it can also force one to disregard that darkness, that actuality, by hiding from harsh truths. this encapsulation is wrapped up in the macrocosm of celebrity customs and a societal psychology of violence. which, as inherently and infinitely intricate structures, are simply (but effectively) explored through the juxtaposition of individuals illustrating the hurt of repressed pain, and self-medication, as well as the effects of commercialism and even extremism. all filtered through a lens of an anti-commodified pop-tragedy that perfectly balances the study of a cerebrally complex character, with the social implications of the environment that is assembled and perpetually reassembled around her. major.

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