Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★

“Us, in love, spanning time”

a really beautiful look at stolen childhood and stunted growth. this feels so specific and down to earth in its trauma and themes yet also feels like it’s beamed in from another planet. the musical scenes are lovely and warm, the lilting emotions and artful editing suggest a sort of thrill at being able to pull off clever and well-done callbacks to both disney cartoons and art movies; yet the flashbacks, the premise, and the acidity of the whole thing (and Gallo’s genuinely unnerving performance) lend this thing its own strange character. 

the choice to film a movie that hinges on the trauma of sports fandom with NFL Films stock is such a wild move. the weird surreal glow takes me back to being a kid and sitting in that idea of old sports as a sort of myth, something Gallo understands as well.

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