Tenet ★★★½

christopher nolan wants to crash an airplane. and why not?

Nolan’s conception of time traveling is one that’s characteristically off-kilter, relying more on the logic of an Uno game than Back to the Future. the expository dialogue is on 10, and when it isn’t it slips into something very goofy-shall i invoke Parker Myers and call it campy? perhaps! the resolution between Neil and The Protagonist is closer to Point Break than Inception, and the commitment to some of the superficial trappings of A Blockbuster feels vaguely retro (especially that instantly dated credits song).

the action set pieces are just as delightful as i imagined, and the inversion movements are quite fun. this worked for me overall! it’s a big gamble and i think it’s too muddled (and long) to clear the hurdle that’s been set for it, but it’s a fascinating and exciting portrait of Nolan at his most maximalist.

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