Drive ★★

The script felt like it was made in a factory. What separates this from Baby Driver is just energy. And Baby Driver is my all-time favorite so you can imagine my disappointment here. I wanted to love it. 

Quiet guy type movies need to have more happening around the character than this one had. I appreciate the understated style matching the understated character but, ugh... it just doesn’t give me any reason to care. That was my issue, I just honestly had no compassion for any characters except the kid really. Even the girl just felt like every damsel in distress before her. Give them life, give them energy - otherwise it’s just moody colors and bland dialogue. 

I commend the work that went into production though. I mean the shot selection wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the type of film it was, but the lighting and colors were terrifically done. And the cars, the jacket, the music, all the filler was cool. But the movie itself lacked that to me. And if I’m being perfectly honest, so did Ryan Gosling.

It just left no impact on me. It felt like something I had seen a million times before and added nothing to the table in terms of style. Even with great lighting, editing, whatever I said before, it still feels uninspired. I can appreciate why people like this. I felt nothing.

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