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This review may contain spoilers.

gone girl is not even crazy.... it's fucking psychotic like girl i mean they could've just went to fucking couple-counselling instead of doing all that but i honestly applaud her doing it cause her husband deserves that shit but i didn't know who to believe or who was crazy.... her or the husband? (turns out to be her) hmmm and the fact that this film was kinda based irl.... scary af. she was really smart for doing all that like that takes a lot of knowledge, reading and guts also i forgot to mention she is fucking CRAZYYYYY like crazy crazy.... also the fact the she did this before with his ex before nick is just psychotic and then did it again with desi but this time she went another way....... and oh brother she still twisted everything after all that like holy fucking shit. kinda want her to go in jail so BADDDDDD. ps. the open monologue of this film was crazy lmao.

this is my second time watching a david fincher thriller film and girl both of em was amazing.... favourite scene in this film was when david fincher shows how amy planned her disappearance, how she hid, how she dealt with it and how fucking crazy she is. this film is so worth it for it to be fucking two hours cause girl every second is amazing of it. i love you, david fincher like forever.

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