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This review may contain spoilers.

Jordan Peele made another masterpiece. There was so many incredible things happening in this. Every single thing is important. From the thriller shirt to the toy ambulance, everything is extremely significant and comes into play later. I picked up on the big reveal early on, and kept seeing things that supported my theory. Somehow I still felt extremely shocked when it was proved true. I was completely dissecting this film line to line.  Not to bring out the college student in me but I kept wishing I had a notebook to write down all of my thoughts because there was a lot. Also spoilers below in case it somehow doesn’t come up! 

Jordan Peele created another brilliant film. Us boldly explores the bridges between social classes and race. The Wilson family is middle class. They don’t have a back up generator, Gabe buys a cheap boat and is constantly comparing himself to his friend Josh. Josh and his family are upper class. Josh’s wife Kitty is the standard rich white woman, getting drunk off rosé, calling her friends whores and getting plastic surgery. This family has it all and they don’t appreciate any of it. The Wilson’s might not have what Josh’s family has, but they have enough and aren’t appreciating it either as Gabe is always in competition. Lupita’s Red character says the people who live on top do not appreciate what they have. The tethereds represent the lower class and the forgotten people. When it comes to the big plot twist, Adelaide was switched out by Red. So Red was the character we were rooting for all along. Even though she was really a tethered, she had the environment and opportunity to become a loving mother and wife. This is one of Peele’s messages and in my opinion his main one. If we all had equal opportunity, we could all have the potential for the growth Red had. 

After thinking about this film for awhile, I realized certain scenes had a different meaning than I thought. Even though I felt very confident that Red took Addy’s place, I couldn’t put all of the pieces together until it was over. When the mother is in the woods and cannot kill Umbrae I thought it was because she resembled her own daughter Zora. It’s really because if Red had never switched places, Umbrae would have been her daughter. This also makes sense in the death scene of Pluto. I was confused watching it wondering why she wasn’t backing away. She was actually trying to save him. Another thing I realized is that her children are half tethered, so Jason was able to control Pluto into going into the fire like Red was able to control young Addy by summoning her into the house of mirrors. 

Lupita Nyong’o gives one of the most mind blowing performances I’ve ever seen. Jordan Peele was already a legend after Get Out, but Us just solidifies it even more.

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