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  • Anatomy of a Murder

    Anatomy of a Murder


    Good, but a little slow paced for me. A lot of the dialogue was quick and interesting in the beginning, but the court scenes seemed to go on and on. I would be sitting there thinking about how I’m kind of bored with it and it would then suddenly heat up. I don’t even know if these are similar enough to compare, but I found 12 Angry Men to be more enthralling.

  • Charade



    Why has no one told me about this movie? It’s funny, spooky, sexy, action packed. I mean it has it all. I think it could totally be 5 stars upon a second watch. Seriously, if you’ve seen any movies that are similar to this, TELL ME.

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  • It Happened One Night

    It Happened One Night


    Suddenly, I’ve forgotten every romantic comedy I’ve ever seen because none of them compares to this. It made me feel all of the feelings of love. I was completely invested from the start. The characters were fully realized people. I seriously cannot overstate how much I loved this film start to finish.

  • Moana



    Okay why do I always forget how damn good this movie is? The colors and the graphics are literally flawless. Amazing story and music throughout, but I got crazy chills at the part where she sings “it calls me” over and over again with her grandma in the water. So Hamilton-esque and just too good.