Enola Holmes ★★★½

ENOLA HOLMES, wow, what an adventure. First of all the cast are great, even though Henry Cavill's Sherlock is not one of the best, I mean it's not his movie, so understandable. Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge are amazing. And so is Sam Clafin and his transformation. Kudos to the makeup department. Helena Bonham Carter, well she's Helena Bonham Carter like in most Helena Bonham Carter roles.

Great visuals, thanks to the amazing costume and production design as well as Cinematography. Editing is great as well.

Screenplay works, a very smart film, lives up to what The Holmes are.

Why 3½? Ending's a bit rushed and some scenes, they could've been cut and the film works totally fine. And, too much looks to the camera, some of them work fine, but in some situations it is not really needed, but hey it was a charming perk.

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