Dating Amber ★★★★

Oohhhh this is sincerely wonderful! So charming, smart, funny, moving in all the right ways. Fionn O’Shea is a *star* and has given such a triumphant one-two punch with Normal People and now this. 

(Aaaaand there is also Teresa from Normal People *and* the same composer, Stephen Rennicks, who sounds like he’s listened to a lot of Anna Meredith here. You love to see it) 

There is, as with so many teen stories, the usual trajectory of indifference to fake appreciation to real appreciation within the couple, but what this does so well that I haven’t seen before is it makes entirely platonic love *matter* - for a film so deft about sexuality it relishes stiff and painfully shy body language, letting friendship and introspective unrest matter the most.

Much more Sex Education than Call Me By Your Name, it still very much carves its own path and making a very very fine contribution to the Awkward Teenager Suffers Frustrated sexuality canon - while also being more specific, more careful, deeper, braver. I love it!