random detail, but i love bong joon-ho’s consistent use of diegetic sound here, specifically the sound of bare feet hitting concrete. it’s such a small, seemingly inconsequential choice, but it totally centers the viewer, and proves how tightly constructed parasite is from head to toe.
i wish the audience i was with was more invested. my love for film boils down to my desire to understand my emotions and the emotions of others. i think people are fascinating, and witnessing vastly different reactions to the same piece of art is such a wonderful experience. the only sounds i heard from the dozens of people behind me were snoring. this is such a shocking film, so an audience not reacting at all whatsoever to the wild events seen onscreen is quite bizarre. not to say that everyone has to audibly express how they feel, but no reaction is strange.
anyways! great film! see it!

(but seriously, who could fall asleep during this movie?!)

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