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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    The initial scored piece is all strings - like the perfected muslin necessary for couture that fits like a glove - we hear the intent, but much is missing. Reynolds Woodcock is a revered virtuoso in fashion because of those pesky neurosis. It is my belief that when we harness our beings into the right channel, they begin to blur the imbalance of our traits because it absorbs everything without prejudice to produce excellence. The intense regimen, obsessive focus and…

  • Love



    ****Warning - the following is extremely graphic, profane and long. Read at your own risk****

    I know by and large, most people saw this as a pretty looking porno, but I saw flashbacks of the heartache I was riddled with before I was even in love, and the measures I went to try to swim in an emotion that eluded me from every angle of my reflection. The unsimulated sex scenes are such that its easy to not pick up…

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  • Nona



    This film reminded me I can do what I want, when I want without being responsible for anyone but me. It is nice to be able to tune everything out. But sometimes the silence has the opposite effect and some activities just aren't as enjoyable alone.

  • Inner Workings

    Inner Workings


    Ahh the trappings of delaying gratifications. If there is one thing being alone with very few person to person interactions has taught me, its to get out of my head and enjoy the present and a person's presence. The things I was waiting to use or consume, I've enjoyed. Hopefully the coast is becomes clear again for me to embark on all the places I want to explore.

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  • Late Afternoon

    Late Afternoon


    I was sad when I saw this, but I didn’t cry. My grandfather, who I’m incredibly close to has dementia (or perhaps full blown Alzheimer’s - there is some unfortunate denial kept around his deterioration, and thus lack of information). When I see him, he cycles through the same story - stuck in the deepest crevices in his brain. The car company he was an executive surveyor of - wanted to relocate him, my grandmother, my mother and her four…

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Zendaya and John are five star thespians. But as soon as I saw the Kraft box I knew what it was. The words spewing from Malcolm are insufferable, whiny, relentless and not at all of or for the vessels that were speaking into the space. But for those who have collided with a narcissist - it's hard not to take this self indulgent verbal frenzy as anything other than a bullseye. A narcissist doesn't care about the emotions of another.…