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  • Paterson



    Each morning when I open my eyes, long before the light peaks through my blinds, I see a phantom figure laying across from me. He’s completely at peace and the back of his neck forms four distinct lines from the placement of his head on the pillow. As I stir out of my slumber the figure dissipates, and just in that moment before I’m completely aware - I try to will myself back to sleep, if only for the mirage…

  • Love



    ****Warning - the following is extremely graphic, profane and long. Read at your own risk****

    I know by and large, most people saw this as a pretty looking porno, but I saw flashbacks of the heartache I was riddled with before I was even in love, and the measures I went to try to swim in an emotion that eluded me from every angle of my reflection. The unsimulated sex scenes are such that its easy to not pick up…

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  • I Called Him Morgan

    I Called Him Morgan


    My grandfather had this entertainment space that screamed “for adults only”. Expensive sound equipment, a bar made with mahogany and lambskin leather and lots of whiskey. Sometimes I’d venture onto the slick wooden floor and climb up into the swivel chairs and run my hands over the resin glossiness and pretend I was grown. If I was lucky, he’d tear himself away from work and put a record on and spin me around, while emphasizing “I didn’t know nothing about…

  • Dunston Checks In

    Dunston Checks In


    My cousin, best friend and I were vibing listening to Solange while Planet Earth played on mute. It’s quite special when someone close to you through kismet happenstance meets someone you are bonded to in blood. It was of no surprise to me when he and my cousin got along as though they’d known each other for as long as I’d known them respectively. 

    My cousin looked up at the tv at one point in our conversation which spanned private…

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  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    ****Warning this is a long review****

    Some background info before I dive in to this review:  One of my majors was sociology (specifically sex, family relations and interpersonal dynamics) and one of my sisters graduated from a private Catholic university. While there is an 8 year gap between us - she would often reach out to have discussions with me on her studies to get my take on a report or a topic that left her wanting to explore more.…

  • Late Afternoon

    Late Afternoon


    I was sad when I saw this, but I didn’t cry. My grandfather, who I’m incredibly close to has dementia (or perhaps full blown Alzheimer’s - there is some unfortunate denial kept around his deterioration, and thus lack of information). When I see him, he cycles through the same story - stuck in the deepest crevices in his brain. The car company he was an executive surveyor of - wanted to relocate him, my grandmother, my mother and her four…