Burning ★★★★

An amalgamation of sumptuous mystery, slinky allure and tumbling embers of majesty is the best way I can describe my experience of taking in Lee Chang-dong’s Burning. Every answer is buried under the surface and it dictates viewers to explore what it means to assume versus act. 

I can’t recall the last film where I didn’t want to talk to anyone or even reckon with my own thoughts after the credits roll - but this hit that nerve and then some. The dynamic between the focal trio (Lee Jong-su, Hae-mi and Ben) took me on an exploration of the pendulum between discipline and internal brooding versus carefree abandon to try to quench a life where more is required.  The cast was glorious* and the blocking in this film managed to build a closeness with the audience despite the large scaled buildings, greenhouses and at times crowds of people. 

I refuse to dive into theories or interpretations until I view this a few more times - so I will leave my heralds here and look forward to unwrapping another layer of this intense thriller that left me spellbound.

*I have a complete bias for Steven Yeun who plays Ben. He’s been my imaginary leading man in my head since Season 1/Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. I am beyond ecstatic to see Steven in more roles that are worthy of his splendor.

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