Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

“Everyone’s dealing with their own stuff. Everyone has an issue, everyone has a sadness” - Saoirse on Lady Bird

these last two days have been hard to understand, i feel lost within myself (sorry, as i was writing this i didn’t realise i was gonna be this open so here we go) . i feel stuck in a job that i absolutely hate, and im just tired all the time. Tired of being hard on myself which ive found has really made my anxiety worst these past couple of weeks. Loving yourself sounds so easy, having christines confidence looks so effortless, but how?
I put lady bird on because i know it makes me feel atleast 20% better and it did a lil.
its saoirses birthday and i look up to her massively, i will have my lady bird moment one day when i get to do the thing i love but right now it will have to just be like this.

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