The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower ★★★★★

Before you read this, grab a snack and a drink as this is going to be a more serious long review from ya girl bel.

So, the first time i watched this was at the cinema with two friends, we went in to it not fully knowing what is was or anything, and because i was young i didnt fully understand the deeper meaning of this film being charlies mental health and childhood trauma.
After about a year or two i rewatched it alone and it was the first time i fully ugly cried at a film, i was a mess. I didnt realise but i had so many aspects/ characteristics that i shared with charlie, like i was going through the same situation about not having many friends and just dealing with my own thoughts and being silent and it just hit me all at once watching charlie. I guess i now know why i felt so sorry for him because i was feeling sorry for myself in a way. I decided to read the book and his letters to himself made me start my own journal with my own thoughts which have helped the past few years with my anxiety. Charlie always wants other people to be happy and never truly loves himself and wants the best for him and thats something i relate to fully and i need to give myself more love and care. I hate even saying that but its true.

i decided to rewatch this tonight as i've suddenly come back to that place where i felt lonely and vulnerable and it feels weird being this open but this watching was necessary for me.

Hats off to whoever read this because sorry if i was boring you, its not one of my usual reviews sorry dont unfollow lol.

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