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  • Belly
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  • The Week Of


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  • The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'


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  • The Week Of

    The Week Of


    (dir Woody Allen, 2002)

  • Lucia



    Evokes Hou’s Three Times in using portmanteau to reshape a national identity, but despite using different actresses (and each protagonist having her own distinct character) the sense of a singular soul through time is keener here. Solás’s direction is nuance without subtlety, exploring how prejudicial attitudes can withstand the changing tides of material circumstance and social condition - except, of course, when the collective can galvanise the individual. In Lucia’s final third pressure for change is applied from both state…

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  • Hamilton



    What happens when you combine the obnoxious visual approach to music of Baz Luhrmamn, the historical revisionism of Tarantino, the rapping ability of Will Smith and the problematic whitewashing of a ninth grade history textbook with the intolerable narcissism of Lin Manuel Miranda? Hamilton!, A frighteningly popular piece of music theatre that asks young people to look up to slave owners who set up the apparatus of systemic racism that still cripples the lives and socioeconomic development of millions of people…

  • Rhubarb


    The Films of Karsten Runquist

    Pine (2018), Rhubarb (2020) & Wave Sounds (2020)

    The essence of the cinematic art form is something much debated and discussed by film scholars, artists and regular moviegoers for more than a century now, but if there was one overriding point that could most likely provide the through line between all of these arguments it would be that a film, like any work of art, must “say” something. It must try to convey a message, or…