After Hours

After Hours ★★★★★

It’s an extremely rare occurrence, but a few times in one’s lifetime of watching movies you find a movie precisely tailored to your tastes. A movie that contains everything you could ever want from a movie, one whose brilliance feels very personal to you and one that you’d struggle to explain to your friends. For me, After Hours is one of those movies.
It’s often said that the perfect screenplay is simple and After Hours makes a great case for that. What writer Joseph Minion has done here is essentially place his lead in a maelstrom of quirky characters and increasingly farcical scenarios that make you lose track of where the story even began. It’s a brilliantly elaborate screenplay that compliments the stylish, vintage aesthetic of the film brought from astute Scorsese direction. The 80s is a decade full of artistic anomalies for Scorsese from the very commercial The Colour of Money to the brutally spiritual Last Temptation of Christ and After Hours is by far his most memorable detour for me. The movie is filled with kinetic energy, a pulsating score from Howard Shore and a Griffin Dunne performance as his character accentuates the lunacy of the situation.
After Hours is a movie that gripped me, amused me and thrilled me from start to finish in a way that- as is the case with so many great movies- is hard to describe. I can’t recommend it enough.

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