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  • Paris, Texas
  • Brazil
  • Frankenstein
  • His Girl Friday

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  • Vamp


  • Night of the Demons 2


  • Dawn of the Dead


  • Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare


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  • Dune



    More drab colored, devoid of humor, droning toned Zimmer, good cinematography means everything is symmetrical, hollowness from a film maker who decided to be playful once like a decade ago and then abandoned it for whatever this is. I can admit that Dune as a series is not for me, sure, but this type of film making is just bland emotionless commodity masquerading as art. And it’s working. Give me something with a little life in it over these artificial attempts at technical perfection, an unattainable goal that just makes for nothing interesting to latch onto.

  • The Chill Factor

    The Chill Factor

    What the fuck is this soundtrack? And the weird Dolly Parton-esque “Love Is Like a Game Show” end credits tune?

Popular reviews

  • Memories in My Frame

    Memories in My Frame


    Second film by Bong Joon Ho produced when he was a student of the Korean Academy of Film Arts is a super short (just under five minutes) and massively thin piece about a boy who hears his dog barking, with the central question of whether it is real or just memory soon posing itself. The idea has its intriguing qualities, but the piece is weakened by the limitations of where Ho goes with the concept and the entire affair is basically over before it begins.

  • Sink & Rise

    Sink & Rise


    Film made by Bong Joon Ho for a Twentidentity project. The film is a one take effort about a father who bets a bodega owner his daughter that hard boiled eggs float. The final result surprises all three.

    The film is a nice technical achievement and enjoyable despite being a little bit of a trifle. But it is another glimpse into Ho's more whimsical side, only barely drifting towards something darker but bypassing it for something more in line with magical realism. Odd opening and closing credit sequence that connects the film to the style of an old 8-bit video game.