All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★

This movie is far too long for it’s own good.
Like most war films it fails on being hyper focused and concise, and instead struggles to pin point an exact story and narrative that we’re following…And fuck me I kinda love that. There’s so many stages, acts, sagas inside this barely 2 and a half hour run time. There’s so many up and downs, the fluctuation of the mood and stakes of the film be looking like my heart rate every time Jenifer Aniston posts a picture on instagram, It truly is a journey. 

The sound design the sound design THE SOUND DESIGN!! Possibly the most expressive and yet fitting I’ve heard a movie sound, ever. Mixed with such fantastically paced and edited cinematography makes for an orgasmic feast for the senses. It blows up your ear drums in one scene then deafens you with silence in the next. For a film that looks so artistically good, the hyper realness of the environments isn’t thanks to the beautifully crisp cinematography, but to the sound. 

Snowballing out of control is the only way I could describe my enjoyment for this movie. What started as low-key boredom throughout the first 40 minutes transcended into the upmost obsession, laser focus and absolute passion for every moving part of this film. Though you could of perhaps predicted the end result of this story, nevertheless was I speechless in its conclusion. 

This movie was so genuine that it felt almost more like a book than a film. Idk how to explain that but it feels so right.

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