Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★

"some people just aren't built happy."

this film hurt me in a deep, wordless way. i just could not stop crying, not even when the credits had ended and i left the theatre. i walked to the subway station in tears, passing the locations where the ending of the movie was shot, in the city that, like lady bird, i thought could save me.

"i think i must learn to accept that real life will always fall just short of cinematic joy. there are always moments of knowing in film and literature, where a character is suddenly confronted with the truth. these moments are far less historic in reality — they pass like strangers on the street until you are reminded of them sometime later, a face in a dream. i’ve spent so much of my time reaching for that untouchable moment of truth, of redemption. an eternal longing for purity of emotion. there are no moments like this, at least not organically. we create them with an inescapable compulsion."

i think i will always be looking for that moment my whole life.

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