Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★½

Spider-Man: Far From Home hardly strikes with a nonsensical plot line which takes us to Europe along Peter and his friends. Once again, while the ideas of the story seem interesting and give a never-seen before side of Spider-Man, the execution ridiculously fails by filling characters with ineptitude and out of place comedy. 

Peter and his high school group are about to take a trip through Europe, but threats follow the friendly neighborhood and a mysterious ally shows up for the first time. This trip needs a Parker who’s willing to leave everything aside to be the hero the world needs, even if it means risking his family and friends through the path. 

It is all about the script. If this time it required two people to write this story, I would’ve rather to be six as in Homecoming. How can the writers approve a story where every character has not a single amount of common sense? Spider-Man is in Europe, yet people and overall high school guys don’t have the slightest clue that someone of them might be the masked hero from New York?

Peter’s immaturity and lack of confidence made us realize that everything he learned from the last movie was forgotten in just a matter of days. Peter Parker is that guy who knows about quantum physics, chemistry and biology, designs his own suits and gadgets with such ability and naturalness, but gives the greatest gift his stepfather-like—Tony Stark—has ever given to him to a guy who just met days ago because he thinks "he had the right to choose who deserves those glasses". Quentin Beck, master of visual effects and illusions, was able to trick with such ease Nick Fury and the whole S.H.I.E.L.D crew because the only reason he became a villain is a guy who is already dead? A guy who stole his idea, once again, Tony Stark, who is as well the same reason why Toomes became a villain in the first movie, what is this all about? Is this Parker’s story or the story of how Tony Stark is a bad bad guy who creates monsters? 

Definitive proof that characters besides Peter matter nothing but have to appear onscreen because of who’s playing those characters. If aunt May was irrelevant in the last film, here the only purpose given to her was to perform a hot stepmother stereotyped role, even Tomei seems uncomfortable in interviews when asked about her character. Now, the famous reinvention of MJ, which every single person knows it actually stands for Mary Jane, but they changed it for Michelle Jones. Evidently, the studio wanted to try something different in Parker’s love life, but why having Zendaya to perform the flattest Spider-Man character ever seen? Why having her to perform an introvert when you could show Zendaya's emotional range and talent? 

Far From Home drowns on its own cheap comedy once again. The movie was produced to entertain, sure, but so was Raimi's Trilogy or Into The Spider-Verse. They also got comedy? Sure! I can’t deny that back in the day, Tobey's cringey dance was severely criticized, and his facial expressions were not always the greatest, but they have aged so well that it doesn’t feel there was an intention to deliver a mediocre picture. However, here you have this scene where Peter launches a drone attack to one of his school partners during a bus trip because of a photo and Parker shouts there are mountains goats so every single person just turns to the window and no one, seriously, no one saw this guy jumping to the bus roof and destroy a drone, give the writers a round of applause! 

Despite an awful story with terribly written villains and side characters, the visuals are amazing. Spidey’s suit still looks odd, but that just seems to be the texture of the materials. Far From Home has this iconic illusion scene by Mysterio and the whole scene is amazing; AMAZING. Straight out of the comic books, this sequence is Mysterio in the flesh, the montage is visually stunning, and it might just be the Spider-Man film with the greatest visuals—sorry for TASM 2 stans—. Not to mention that Gyllenhaal was outstanding. It also shows a sharp representation of the famous spider-sense and once again we see some development in Peter Parker and Spider-Man in terms of maturity and personal growth, let’s see if in No Way Home he actually keeps growing instead of watching some step downs.  

Even though the movie is an entertaining product, Spider-Man: Far From Home is terrible in its character development, motivations, its dramatic moments are opaqued by terrible jokes and the narrative justification is far from being credible—no pun intended—. Now it’s time for No Way Home in four days, which I hope it to be a proper closure to Holland's first trilogy.

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