Parasite ★★★★★

Started the year off with a bang.

Some second viewing thoughts:
- Lots of windows, and interesting ways to frame windows
- The movie is so well written and rewards you if you know the twists of the narrative going in
- I really wanna try Ramdon
- Parasite would be a fantastic double feature with High and Low, and I think the fact that the son is obsessed with Native Americans could be a reference to how the son is obsessed with cowboys in Kurosawa’s film (I may be reaching though)
- The fact that an American remake is already in the works is so enraging, and after this rewatch I’m tryna fight these producers who wanna ruin a masterpiece
- I wanna see the alternate cut where there’s an added scene where Min comes home and finds out about everything
- The first time I saw it, I was in an empty theater. Tonight I was with my girlfriend and one of my other best friends in a packed theater. Everyone ooh’d and ah’d when they were supposed to and I really think this film is meant to be seen in a packed theater. This is elevated cinema that is meant to be experienced by homies everywhere bro.

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