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  • Without Name

    Without Name


    I love these sorts of slow-paced, atmospheric horrors, especially when they're not American (no offense, America). Although this film won't be for everyone and the feelings of terror are subtle and more complicated then, say a slasher flick, 'Without Name' is not without fear. It's just of the unusual kind.

    It's a beautiful film to see, complimented by a good cast and an intriguing story that takes its sweet time to unravel...and even when it does reach the end, it still remains mysterious and open-ended. Good stuff, but don't come at me if you didn't feel the same way!

  • The Minimalists: Less Is Now

    The Minimalists: Less Is Now


    If you've previously seen The Minimalists' first Netflix documentary, then this one might seem almost unnecessary. I mean, it was well done but most of what this film had to offer had already been said or established in the first one. I like The Minimalists themselves (as well as the director, Matt D'Avella) but their scripted scenes kind of took away from the film for me, especially since we had seen and heard all of this before.

    I was really…