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Lady Bird ★★★★★

I don't know what to write.Writing about your favourite movie is hard.And when your favourite movie is your favourite for personal reasons,it gets even harder.This is not going to be a review.This is a diary entry.A lot of personal thoughts and feelings about Lady bird and how it changed my life and how it still continues to do so everytime I watch it.I don't know where to start and how I can write this diary entry without it being a mess where I talk about my life like it is the greatest and saddest thing in the world.Because it is not.And for the past 4 months that I have been writing reviews on this site I never wrote a good review about lady bird(i probably never wrote a good review in my life but let's not worry about that)that describe why it makes me cry for 5 minutes after its ending.I am going to try right now.

So...I was born in New York 15 years ago.My parents lived there for the majority of their lives.I lived there for 3 years and after that,my parents decided to return back to Greece,because they wanted a peaceful life for me.So for the past 12 years I have been living in a small town I used to hate called Naousa.I hated it for a lot of reasons.I am suffering from dyslexia from as long back as I can remember.Yes that's the reason for all those weird typos in my reviews.Actually the only reason I made an account here was me wanting to become better at writing english. I was never a smart kid at school,I was the dumb one.The one nobody was ever talking to because they thought I was weird and stupid.And with the exception of one kid that left my school 5 years ago I still haven't made a friend.Probably because I never learned how to speak to someone without being akward.

After realising that I was not popular I decided to learn what I wanted to do in my life and escape Naousa.Naousa was then a place filled with narrow-minded people.Naousa was a place without a cinema,a library and a school with good teachers.I hated everything in Naousa.I hated how small it was,I hated how boring everyone was,I hated how repetitive the streets were and I hated how dull the architecture was.I was mad at my parents for choosing Naousa over New York.I was mad at them for silly reasons I do not even remember.They weren't mad at me and I never released how much they loved me.I tried to find a profession that was interesting.I could not become a doctor or a lawyer,or a teacher,or any other job really.I wasn't smart and I thought everything was boring.I tried music,I was passionate about music but a teacher traumatized me and made me hate music.I know that sounds dumb but I was 11.Everyone is dumb at the age of 11.When I first watched whiplash 2,5 years ago I could relate to the main character which was disturbing.

But then I realised that I loved movies.I started discovering a lot of styles of cinema and I fell in love with it.I was 13 and I remember watching movies like The Dark Kight,Psycho,The Shining,Kill Bill,La La Land.One of the movies I watched was Lady Bird.I loved it but back then but it wasn't my favourite film.I didn't realise the huge amount of beautiful themes the movie has.But I was in love with movies and I wanted to become a director.My parents were happy for me because I found a goal in my life.And I was happy with myself and my life.

Cut to 2 years later.I am 15,and the world has completely changed by a world pandemic.A pandemic that forced us to stay in isolation inside our houses.A lot of people suffered a lot more than I did.While being in quarantine I discovered that my life wasn't really changed.It was the same thing but I was not going to school.I was endlessly starring at a laptop screen in a dark room,trying to find a meaning into something that seemed meaningless.I was tired of being alone because everyone thought that I was weird when I really wasn't.I was so tired and I lost my passion for cinema.But then I rewatched Lady Bird.I can not describe what Greta did to me.

She destroyed me.She made me realise how much my parents loved me,and how foolish I was for never realising that.She made me love my home.A home that I thought was dull now became wonderful.I thought it lacked colour but Greta turned it into the wizard of oz.I was taking a walk in the streets that I thought were boring and I could now see all of the memories that took place in them,I could see their beauty.When I rewatched Lady Bird I was crying for 10 minutes,not being able to face the emotions that Lady Bird made me feel.Then I runned into the living room and I huged my mom.It was the warmest hug of my life.She couldn't understand why I did that.But there was a magic in the moment,a magic that Greta captures so well in her movie.I was reminded of my passion.I was once again in love with cinema.I wanted to become a director and I had a new goal:To make something as beautiful as Lady Bird.

I don't know if that is a noble goal.But it's the one I want to achieve.I want to make something as beautiful as Lady Bird.Something that will hopefully change the viewer's life in the same way Lady Bird changed mine.Something so pure but so magical at the same time.Something real.The movie will end,and I want the viewer to lose a friend.Because everytime Lady Bird ends,I fucking lose a friend that I care about.I want to write some scenes that the viewer can apply into his life and become a better person.A happier one.I want the viewer to feel nostalgic,happy,melancholic,angry,sad.I want to make him or her to smile and then cry.I want to make him or her to fall in love for the first time,I want them to feel young.I want to make them hug their mother.That's what Lady Bird does to me. It mesmerizes me,it makes me forget to breathe,it devastates me emotionally because it makes me feel every emotion someone can feel.Words can not describe the beauty of Lady Bird.It is simply the most touching expression of of human love through an emotion that quite simply can't be humanly expressed.This is cinema.This is my favourite movie.

Dear Greta I know that you are not reading this but,
Thank you for everything.Thank you for making this.

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