Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

High school started,I am once again reminded that I am not good at being a student,I am constantly feeling sad,anxious and fear is probably the main emotion I am feeling these past 9 days.Not becoming who I want to be scares me,I want to be a filmmaker,and lately I always fear that I am not going to become one.So I just had to return to Lady Bird.Because Lady Bird silences everything.It gives me hope,it reminds me of my passion,it erases my fears and my doubts,it filles my with love and happiness.

Christine means a lot to a lot of us,because Christine is much more than a character,she is a universal symbol that is deeply relatable.She is a symbol of growing up,she is a symbol of discovering who you trully are,and she is a symbol of that time where you stoppped pretending that you are someone you are not.She is a symbol of realising how important your parents are,how much they loved you and how foolish you were for not loving them.Christine is a symbol of that time where you realised that there is no place like home,she is a symbol of that time where you stopped crying about the things you don't have but instead you started appreciating the things that you already have.She feels like a real person that slowly discovered what true love is,and how essential and wonderful everything is in her life is.

The power that Lady Bird has amazes me,
I watch Lady Bird and I feel alive,
I feel happy,I am mesmerized,
I understand,I feel connected,
I feel emotionally supported,
I escape my body and I start flying,
I escape into a different world,
(as cheesy as that may sound),
I fall in love,I feel like a changed man,
something invisible hugs me,
it assures me that everything will be fine,
all I could see in my screen
was the magic of cinema
but now I can not even see that
because of the endless tears.
I can not breathe,I am speechless.

Sorry, but I have to stop writing,
wipe the tears from my eyes,
and go hug my mom.

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