Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

wow just wow
i’m sitting here trying to put my thoughts into words and i have no idea where to start. greta girl you have done it again. i came into this with high expectations because i had such a strong connection to little women. but wow. i have chills. that ending scene and final lines. when it cut to the credits i was stunned. i needed more. 
ladybirds character and growth was one of these most accurate portrayals of a teenager i have ever seen. i wish i would have watched this movie when it originally came out because 17/18 year old me needed it. but 21 year old me needed it just as much. 
the journey she took throughout this film was incredible. her connection/hatred for California and her hometown felt close to home. the final scene hit so close to home. hearing her talk about driving around her town for the first time and feeling emotional. took me back to getting my license and driving around my hometown i knew so well. 
now sitting here graduating college in 6 months. ladybird made me feel scene and helped me reflect so much on my youth and growing up. 
phenomenal film 

“i want you to be the very best version of yourself you can be”

what if this is the best version” 

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