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This review may contain spoilers.

last time i watched this (oct 2021), kelly and i noticed the theme of relationships having seasons illustrated both through harry and sally's friendship in the foreground and alice and gary's marriage in the background. obviously we see harry and sally's relationship progress in a slow, steady series of ups and downs. when she's first introduced, alice seems bored in her marriage, but later, at jess and marie's wedding, alice and her husband are obsessed with each other.

this time i was thinking about how the parallel also speaks to sally's (and maybe harry's) changing notion of love and marriage. i wonder if sally is projecting her vision of marriage onto alice – early on, seeing in alice's marriage what she found in her relationship with joe: dissatisfaction, boredom, injury. later, coming to realize her feelings for harry and discovering that she deeply desires marriage (weeping as she watches marie try on her wedding dress!), sally sees the romance of alice and gary's marriage up close as gary steals alice away for a dance.

yet sally is not simply projecting; alice and gary have a distinct narrative of their own that has perhaps influenced sally's own perception of marriage. i think there's something true to life here. the way that friendships occupy such a significant role in the film makes me think about how in my own life, i often feel that my friends and i are making the same discoveries about life and love at very similar paces. even if we are in different stages in our lives, entering milestones on our own timing, our perspectives grow and transform harmoniously.

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