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  • Booksmart



    25+ year olds in the theater: *chuckle*
    Teenagers in the theater: *near death cackle*

    -I’m a senior in high school.
    -I’m graduating in about two weeks.
    -I have a total of four friends, but only one of which I consistently talk to.
    -I never make plans.
    -I’ve never been to a party.
    -I’m taking a gap year.
    -I’m really close with numerous teachers.

    The only differences?
    -I’m dumb as a stump.
    -I’m best friends with my guidance counselor.

  • The Upside

    The Upside


    Light as a whisper.

    Far from perfect, The Upside gives you an appropriately paced and gentle story of two men teaching each other two things: What people take for granted and what people should be grateful for. 

    I liked seeing Kevin Hart not in his chaotically overdramatized character, it was nice getting a small taste of something attempting to be raw, but achieving only mimicry. The effort was acknowledged, however.

    Bryan Cranston was definitely the perfect person to play this…

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  • Dunkirk



    The Germans are pushing the allied powers out to sea. It's either stay on the beach and die or take the risky route of the water.

    With the opening scene already a heartbreaking one, your mind is set and prepared for death, trust, and very intense scenes. On the subject of scenes, almost every one was so action-packed, loud, and worrying that it basically felt like it dragged you into the film itself. Every actor (yes, Harry Styles too) was…

  • It



    Still. Shaking.

    When I first saw the trailer and Bill's portrayal of Pennywise, I decided then and there that I will not see it on the big screen. Clowns are not my forte, so seeing goddamn Skarsgård not in the comfort of my home and blown up bigger than my 55 inch T.V. would've been a big mistake.

    Oh, but here I am, leaving the theatre trembling.

    With it's disturbingly playful villain and closer than anything group of friends, 'It'…